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Renco Electronics is:

  • A world class, Engineering driven manufacturer with worldwide distribution of inductors, transformers, chokes and coils. Our components are designed into thousands of products and all market segments. That is why we say “Renco Everywhere”. At Renco, we can build to print, work in conjunction with your engineering team, or, completely custom design inductors or transformers to your exact specifications. Renco provides “No Charge Samples” so you can verify your design!
  • We will build from 10 pieces to 10 million pieces. Automated low cost, high volume production lines give us the ability to produce over 5,000 parts per line, per day. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities in N.A. & China include everything from high speed winding machines to our own programmable work station robots. We control everything down to the final test to insure uniformity & unsurpassed reliability.
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